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Cars Made Simple.

The easiest, fairest way to sell your car in


Does the thought of selling your car privately make you want to cringe? Are you tired of getting bottom dollar with vehicle trade-ins? Are you sick of all the government paperwork and transfer documents?

There is an easier, fairer way. Read on to learn about our car sales services here at Cars Made Simple, a team dedicated to simplifying private car sales in Chermside?

The Cars Made Simple system was born out of over 20+years of local automotive sales experience by our company founders and owners, Brad and Tanya Searle.

We were tired of seeing their fellow Brisbanians losing out too hard bargain hunters and shady car lot dealers, missing out on fair deals simply because they weren't aware of their vehicle's true worth.

So, we developed a transparent, safe, streamlined process that gives people a FREE car valuation, with the option of selling their car for a fair price.

The hassle of private car sales

Even if you have experience selling cars, the process can be time consuming, stressful and exhausting. No one has the time to do all the required running around and paperwork to sell a vehicle privately in our busy lifestyles..

You have to do many things to sell a car, which can be even more daunting if you are not a car expert and have little or no experience in the car market.

Cleaning and photography

The first thing you need to do is get your car presentable, including professional detailing and try to take photographs for your sales pitch. Then you have to guesstimate your car's best angles and hope it's enough to entice a buyer.

Your car will go into an ocean of local cars for sale, meaning your content needs to stand out.

Dotted Lines and red tape

Even if you have an offer you are willing to accept, you have payments to sort out and a mountain of documents for you and the buyer to sign before reclaiming your time and sanity.

Thanks to our car valuation professionals, there is a quicker, safer, easier way to sell your car in Chermside.

Advertising and posting

After you have some decent images of your vehicle, you need to attempt to write compelling sales copy to try and make your car sound more appealing than the myriad of other vehicles on the market.

This is followed by time spent posting your vehicle on all the sales channels at your disposal, including:

Local classifieds
Community noticeboards
Car sales websites
Social media marketplaces
Online marketplaces and more

Can you think of anything more frustrating? Life is too busy for this much hassle just to get a fair price for your used vehicle.

Arranging inspections

Now comes the most frustrating part; arranging endless inspections by potential private buyers. 

This stage of the typical car sales process involves driving to potentially unsafe locations to meet strangers, which usually end up in the following:

Time wasters
Low ball price offerers from "Car experts"
Aggressive negotiators
Cancelled appointments and no shows
Insulting cash offers and more

Can you think of anything more frustrating? Life is too busy for this much hassle just to get a fair price for your used vehicle.


Make, Model, Year, Km's?
We'll Buy It. Simple.

Simply call 0412 711 931 or email to book an appointment and offer the details of your vehicle. Our team will schedule a convenient time to assess your car and offer a free valuation. 

How it works
How does the Cars Made Simple process work?

Our Cars Made Simple process takes all the stress and time-wasting out of Chermside car sales. Our transparent and simple car valuation and sale system is an easy three-step process.


Book Free Car Valuation

Our online car quote form takes a couple of minutes to fill in; all we will need is simple details.

After submitting the form, one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for one of our evaluators to meet you for your FREE valuation.

We guarantee a response to all inquiries in 24-hours or less, and the confidentiality of your personal information is assured.

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Convenient Inspection

Once a time and location have been arranged, our experienced vehicle evaluators will thoroughly inspect the vehicle using a transparent range of parameters to determine a fair price based on your car's current market value.

Our professional car valuation experts pride themselves on punctuality and provide a complete overview and explanation of their assessment when offering a price for your vehicle.

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Get Paid The Best Price On The Spot

If you accept the offer made by our car valuation specialist, then it is smooth sailing. We take care of all transfer paperwork on your behalf, saving you time and hassle.

All we will need is a few quick signatures, and we will then pay you in cash on the spot or direct deposit the money immediately into your account. It's that simple. If you choose to not accept the offered price after your FREE, no-obligation valuation, you can walk away with a realistic idea of what your car is worth.

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Suppose you do not choose to accept the offer made on your vehicle. In that case, you still benefit by receiving a FREE assessment of your car, providing you with valuable information with which to sell your vehicle.

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The benefits of using Cars Made Simple to sell my car in Brisbane

There are many benefits to using our FREE car valuation and sales services, including:


Guaranteeing an honest and fair offer for your vehicle, based on market value and condition, via a fast, transparent process


Access to automotive professionals with over twenty years of experience in the local car sales industry

Transparent & trustworthy

A service that comes to the YOU, saving you time, money and hassle

We come to you

The knowledge that you are dealing with a family-owned, local business that has an intricate understanding of the local car market.

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How to sell my car

To book your FREE valuation and receive a fair offer for your used vehicle, simply call 0412 711 931 or email to book an appointment.

Take the guesswork out of selling your pre-loved car in Brisbane and Brisbane's northern suburbs. Call us today and get a step closer to selling your current ride and purchasing your new vehicle.

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