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Have you ever had to spend weeks or even months trying to get a reasonable price for your used vehicle? It's enough to make you stand in the street screaming, "won't someone just buy my car!".

Not everybody is a car expert. However, without automotive experience, it can be hard to isolate the true worth of your used vehicle. Our team of experienced auto specialists offer a way for you to get a fair price for your car without wasting time and losing money.

If only there were a reliable, simple way to sell your car in Brisbane. Well, look no further. With over 20-years in automotive sales, Cars Made Simple owners Brad and Tanya Searle have done just that.

The team at Cars Made Simple provides a straightforward three-step valuation system that will give you a fair market value of your vehicle. If you agree on the price, we will buy your car. Sounds too easy? You may be surprised. Read on to learn more.

Buy your car

Selling your car privately in Queensland can be time-consuming. This process could take weeks or even months before you get a reasonable price for your used vehicle; it's enough to spin your head! There are so many things to consider and initiate, including:

Taking photographs
Putting the vehicle in classifieds and online marketplaces
Arranging meet-ups with strangers
Haggling with bargain hunters
Filling in paperwork
Organising a Roadworthy 
Obtaining signatures and more
Guaranteed to offer more than the average dealership!
Make, Model, Year, Km's?
We'll Buy It. Simple.

Simply call 0412 711 931 or email to book an appointment and offer the details of your vehicle. Our team will schedule a convenient time to assess your car and offer a free valuation. 

How it works

Buy My Car Brisbane

Our three-step process could not be easier, and it removes your need to advertise, arrange meet-ups with private buyers, and navigate complicated Queensland Government paperwork and processes. If you live in Brisbane, our transparent, streamlined, three-step process makes selling your car almost effortless. Our three-step system works as follows:


Book Free Car Valuation

Call or email to schedule a FREE, in-person appointment to evaluate your vehicle by one of our assessors.

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Convenient Inspection

Our expert inspector will assess your vehicle using a range of clear and concise methods and parameters.

Get Started

Get Paid The Best Price On The Spot

The inspector will advise you on the price of the vehicle, and if the price is agreed upon, Cars Made Simple will buy your car and take care of all necessary paperwork on your behalf.

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The benefits of using Cars Made Simple

All inspections are FREE, whether you sell your car to us or not. So even if you decide not to accept the price offered, you will better understand your vehicle's market value.
When you choose to sell your car to us, you get the benefits of:


Knowing you are being offered a transparent assessment of your vehicle's worth


Your valuation is being done by our experienced team of experienced automotive professionals

Transparent & trustworthy

You are selling your vehicle to a local, family-owned business

We come to you

You can save time and stress by using a service that comes to you and takes care of the details on your behalf

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We guarantee a response to all inquiries within 24-hours or less and will organise the nearest, mutually convenient time to come to your home or business to do the valuation. To book your FREE car valuation, call 0412 711 931, or send your inquiry via email to

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